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We are intent on publishing books, ebooks, and ecourses that catapult you from zero to savvy on topics that shape your business, your career, your life, and your future. These plain-language, on-point good-reads are aimed at making smart people smarter—quickly and painlessly.

Catapult Publishing concentrates on knowledge preservation: Catapult is intent on preserving and building on the special expertise of those who have worked in a profession, career, or job for decades, and who know what's what and why.

Catapult Authors are forward-thinking experts, sometimes unsung, who know their profession, role, or industry inside out, and want to constructively share this behind-the-scenes perspective and accrued skill with those who are clients or prospects of that industry and its products and services. Some authors direct their efforts and knowledge to peers and colleagues to improve the profession and industry from the inside out. Catapult Authors want to share their expertise to shorten the learning curve for all concerned.

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