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PJ emphasizes:  "There's only one expert on your business and your life who can really discover what you want and put your best interests first: YOU!  In this era of 'never before in history' futures, stop searching for someone to follow and adopt Self-Leadership to take you to a brilliant future.  This Forward-Thinking approach enables you to assemble the best Professional Team to enhance your knowledge and thinking."

Discover how to uncover possibilities in the future by freeing yourself of constraints set by past generations. PJ Wade reveals simple, practical strategies for shedding society's baggage and the bad habits that have been invisibly carried forward from the last two centuries.

  • Learn why "retirement"—the word and the concept—is dangerous to discuss and plan for in the 21st Century.
    PJ: "Retirement is no longer a handful of quiet years spent waiting to die. Now, retirement has expanded to become decades of active living—decades of extended living, the new unretirement—and everything from customer service, retail, housing, and work to education, healthcare, and recreation must improve, too. All this spells great opportunity!"

  • Learn why all that advisors and businesses don't understand about millennials, boomers…and their multigeneration families (and what these individuals don't get either) can limit your future and those of your clients.
    PJ: "Trends do not determine the future—people do. This is a simple, but largely ignored fact, that makes intentions and legacies the relevant harbingers of the future.
       With sustainability an issue at all levels of society, intentions can transform the future from random results into deliberate outcomes. Legacies are the building blocks and the bridges that solve problems, shift thinking, and heal wounds.
       In this Forward Thinking context, the most significant trends are not market-driven reactions, but trends that are created or consciously pursued to offer improvement to all types of individuals, families, communities, and environments.

Do your clients receive authentic Forward-Thinking Succession Planning and Future Building Services from you?

Or, are your clients unaware they are paying for 20th-Century thinking repackaged with 21st Century technology and buzz words?

"The problem with Change is not that there's too much of it. The trouble is there's not enough of the right Change taking place."  — PJ Wade, The Catalyst

About PJ Wade
Achievement Strategist & Cross-Generation Bridge PJ Wade earned her title "The Catalyst" by translating the dynamic impact of multigeneration workplaces, families, and communities into relevant business, workplace, lifestyle, and future-building trends. PJ's wide-ranging knowledge of emerging trends and cross-generation influences reinforces her talent for Forward Thinking—a stimulating ability she demonstrates regularly. PJ's age-free, borderless view of the future keeps her in demand as strategic communicator, achievement facilitator, trusted advisor, savvy blogger, and provocative speaker.

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