PJ Wade is "The Catalyst"

Achievement Strategist, Communication Influencer 
Cross-Generation Bridge, Box-Free/Age-Free Thinker 
Author of What's Your Point?

Challenging "The Best" to become Even Better!

PJ: "My clients, my research, and years of experience have proven to me that the first—and often overlooked—step toward innovation is to identify "the box" built by past experience and societal influences. Only then, can you predictably reduce resistance to change, enhance creativity, strengthen decision making, inspire forward thinking, and lead yourself and others toward a brilliant future!"
PJ Wade The Catalyst

"PJ shattered assumptions I didn't even see!"
—Director of Human Resources, Financial Services Corporation
"PJ is great—very eloquent and inspirational, warm and humorous."
CEO, Software Developer

"Onward & Upward—the directions that really matter!"

      This is PJ Wade's mantra as The Catalyst—a call to action in the face of change, a rallying cry for innovation, and a passionate belief that there is always a better way!

      Through extensive research and varied work experiences as an Achievement Strategist and Problem Solver, PJ discovered first-hand what holds individuals and organizations back when faced with change, and what drives them to innovate.

      PJ's compelling delivery of relevant, actionable suggestions on thinking effectively inside the box and outside the box—and on knowing which strategy to use when—inspires individuals and groups to embrace box-free, age-free Forward Thinking—a talent she consistently demonstrates as The Catalyst.
  • An inventive strategist, on-point communicator, and quick thinker, PJ is a thought-provoking, entertaining speaker with more than 8000 hours in front of audiences.
  • Drawing on her skills and curiosity as an experienced researcher, producer, and journalist, PJ leverages her business experience in industries that define our professional and personal lives, including social media, technology, finance, education, and service-driven sectors.
  • An accomplished content developer with 8 books, more than 1800 published articles, and a wide variety of broadcast and online content to her credit, PJ shares accumulated knowledge and expertise to challenge others, in business and in life, to consciously design their own futures—not just settle for what happens.
  • Beginning in university, PJ's interest in merging entertainment and education provided opportunities for candid conversations with a number of world-changers, including Inventor Buckminster Fuller, Futurist Alvin Toffler, and many more. Interaction with these and other thought leaders over the years catalyzed PJ's wide-ranging knowledge of relevant emerging trends and reinforced her ability for box-free, age-free Forward Thinking.
      PJ Wade has creatively and innovatively blended the essential elements of science and business in The Catalyst, which is both her job description and the name of her strategic communication firm. Her earlier career as an environmental scientist, combined with a lifelong love of sailing, contributes to PJ's unique age-free, borderless view of North America and of the Future.

      An accomplished cross-generation bridge, PJ's extensive research and multi-faceted contributions bring the dynamic impact of multigeneration workplaces, communities, and families into 21st-Century focus for business leaders, organizations, professionals, and the clients they serve. PJ's latest business book— What's Your Point? Cut The Crap, Hit The Mark & Stick!—will reveal often-invisible, self-defeating mistakes and overlooked opportunities in online and off-line communication in their full 21st-Century CONTEXT.