Why PJ WADE is worth talking to…

"Provocative, controversial, quotable…Thinks outside
'the box'—way out!"

Achievement Strategist & Communication Influencer
Cross-Generation Bridge, Inspired Problem Solver
Blogger, Podcaster & Media Commentator
Author of What's Your Point?

"The problem with Change is not that there's too much of it. The trouble is there's not enough of the right Change taking place."   — PJ Wade, The Catalyst

 As The Catalyst, PJ Wade attacks mediocrity and
starts people thinking, questioning, acting…

Key Areas of Expertise:

  • Change Management, Innovation & Self-Leadership—Room for Improvement
  • PJ: "Opportunities for accelerated, sustainable improvement are everywhere—in business and in life—but too often they are overlooked, eclipsed by stereotypes, and sabotaged by out-of-date thinking."

  • Cross Generation Collaboration
    PJ: "It's not aging itself, but negative reactions to chronological age that are the greatest hurdles to overcome in communication…This makes The Age Wave a diverse, commanding multigeneration 'Age Surge' toward an often-unimagined, never-before-experienced 'Age-free' future that Millennials & other generations have not even begun to explore without ageism."

  • The New "UNRETIREMENT" & Forward Thinking
    PJ: "Twentieth-century retirement—a handful of quiet years spent waiting to die—is still feared. Not enough people and professionals appear to have noticed that retirement has morphed into decades of extended active living. This means modern UNRETIREMENT is everything that retirement never was, but should have been. As transformative thinking gains momentum, everything will change, but not always for the better. Do you understand why not everybody has made the mental shift to this century?"

  • Sustainable Communities, Workplaces & Lifestyles: Mastering Decisions, Dynamics & Technology
    PJ: "Trends do not determine the future—people do. This is a simple, but largely ignored fact, that makes intentions and legacies the relevant harbingers of the future. With sustainability an issue at all levels of society, intentions—good and bad—can transform the future from random results into deliberate outcomes. Legacies are the knowledge transfers which act as building blocks and bridges to solve problems, shift thinking, and heal cross-generation wounds. But legacies can be barriers, too.
       "In this context, the most significant trends are not market-driven reactions, but shifts that reflect transformations from 20th-Century limiting beliefs to provide 21st Century improvement in all types of communities and environments."

PJ Wade is a versatile, quick-thinking, quotable resource with a unique depth of insight and provocative opinions in these areas:

  • Communication & The Impact of The Internet & Technology
  • Branding, Online Marketing, Social Media & Cloud Impact
  • Consumerism, Relationship Marketing & Extreme Excellence Client Service
  • Business online and off, including Family Businesses, SME, SOHO Ventures, Online Enterprises
  • Career & Work, including Balance/Equilibrium, Work from Home (WFH) & Ever-Changing Careers
  • Sustainability & Community Development
  • Decisions & Decision Making—in business and in life; Self-Leadership
  • Finance, Inheritances & Financial/Lifestyle Innovations like Reverse Mortgages
  • Tourism, Travel & Resort Lifestyles
  • Trends, Patterns, Behavioral Shifts & Motivations

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