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"The problem with Change is not that there's too much of it. The trouble is there's not enough of the right Change taking place."
— PJ Wade, The Catalyst

Your CONTENT IN CONTEXT will clearly and uniquely express your brand, trustworthiness, value, service advantages, service perspectives, forward-thinking ideas, profiles, suggestions…all that you are proud to share with your clients, customers, employees, and/OR investors. And that they are delighted to receive!

"Your work overflows with positive energy, constructive ideas, and inspiring talk; our site is a real pleasure to visit. Graphically refined also. Recently I found a quotation that fits the spirit of your work, I believe:
'Not all that can be counted counts, and not all that counts can be counted' — Albert Einstein"
— Senior Researcher, Federal Agency

PJ welcomes:

  • Invitations to author, develop, produce, and/or present in any medium from print to broadcast, or in multimedia. PJ and her team have extensive experience providing content from blogs, podcasts, online copy & ebooks to scripts, teleseminars, webinars, workshop programs, case studies, white papers, client success stories, corporate profiles, featured columns, and client appreciation events.

  • Requests to design and develop an event or conference for employee, professional, or client audiences, which may or may not include PJ Wade on the program.

  • Invitations to participate as spokesperson for a brand, product, service, or cause.

  • Requests to reprint previously-published content, including books and articles, or to transform this content into a new customized version for any medium or for multimedia, including in your presentations or an ebook.

  • Opportunities to collaborate or brainstorm with multi-discipline teams, to participate in creative, strategic ventures, or to catalyze…so you get the best results and, if you wish, all the credit!

Fees to be negotiated.

"PJ, you worked with your imagination and enthusiasm in full gear while you kept your eyes firmly fixed on our ROI horizon. Results prove you knew where you were taking the project and my delighted client the whole time."
— CEO, Software Firm

An experienced social media and multimedia communicator, PJ has been published & presented…online, in print, and on broadcast radio and television…Author of eight books, ebooks and more than 1800 published articles, and an accredited international journalist/broadcaster, PJ Wade contributes featured content in the full range and mix of media, online and off.

Ask for The Catalyst's take on a topic of your choice, or select from subjects related to PJ's special expertise, including:

  • Forward Thinking: "If I Knew NOW What I'll Know THEN!"
    PJ: "Forward Thinking has three enemies: procrastination, impatience, and apathy. Don't let hindsight reveal how much of your life these three negatives have wasted, when forward thinking positively doesn't waste time on any of them!"

  • Change Management & Self-Leadership
    PJ: "Opportunities for accelerated, sustainable improvement are everywhere—in business and in life—but too often they are overlooked, eclipsed by stereotypes, and sabotaged by out-of-date thinking."

  • MultiGeneration Workplaces, Communities, & Families: Cross-Generation Collaboration
    PJ: "Boomers and Millennials cannot be considered in isolation from their multigeneration families, workplaces, or communities. Their lives and careers overlap those of other generations. This transforms society into a diverse, commanding 'Age Surge' intent on an 'Age-Free' future that Millennials and the alphabet of generationshave not even begun to consider without ageism."

  • Age-Free Thinking & 21st Century Unretirement
    PJ: "Retirement is no longer a handful of quiet years spent waiting to die. Now, retirement has morphed into decades of active living—decades of extended living, the new unretirement—and everything from customer service, retail, housing, and work to education, healthcare, and recreation must improve, too."

  • Trends & Sustainable Communities & Workplaces: Mastering Decisions, Dynamics & Technology
    PJ: "Trends do not determine the future—people do. This is a simple, but largely ignored fact, that makes intentions and legacies the relevant harbingers of the future. With sustainability an issue at all levels of society, intentions can transform the future from random results into deliberate outcomes. Legacies are the building blocks and the bridges that solve problems, shift thinking, and heal wounds. In this context, the most significant trends are not market-driven reactions, but trends that are created or consciously pursued to offer improvement to all types of decisions, communities and environments."
"…Your article is still being referenced through the search engines and bringing potential buyers to our site—GREAT LEGS, as we are getting responses years later!!"
— National Marketing Director

"The main reason I enjoy PJ's writing is that she writes so clearly, without a lot of jargon, when explaining even the most complex subjects."
—President, National Non-Profit

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