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Achievement Strategist, Futurist & Cross Generation Bridge. Keynote Speaker, Author, "Box Free" Forward Thinker.



  • PJ Wade is The Catalyst
    Expertise & Services for you & your clients to clarify and enhance your value to clients. As The Catalyst, PJ Wade inspires reactions that otherwise might not take place, challenges The Best to become even Better…Inspires accelerated, sustainable IMPROVEMENT—in business & in life.

  • Client Retention & Appreciation: UNRETIREMENT & More 21st-Century Essentials
    Client Retention & Service Value Enhancement. Let PJ Wade become The Catalyst for your discovery of your brilliant future. Content in CONTEXT not just to stand out in the crowd, but to create a new crowd. Relevant themes, fresh perspectives, client-centric context.

  • BOOK: What's Your Point? Cut The Crap, Hit The Mark & Stick!
    New book by PJ Wade, The Catalyst. Themes: On Point Strategic Communication & Forward Thinking; Cross Generation Collaboration, MultiGeneration Workplaces & Communities; Self-Leadership.
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Achievement Strategist, Futurist, Cross Generation Bridge, Author of What's Your Point? and more…

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