Site Spelling Variations

"The spelling of English words is not fixed and invariable, nor does it depend on any other authority than general agreement. "
— William J. Strunk, The Elements of Style

Most English words have an internationally-accepted spelling, but there are a few that, spelt one way are correct to some readers, and spelled another way look right to others. Embracing the universality of the internet, this site has adopted a blend of US and UK English with the intention of welcoming readers from both camps. Hopefully, you'll be only mildly distracted when the other correct version appears.

This Site's English Spelling...

— favors "or" over "our" and we use both
— organizes as "ize" instead of "ise"
— catalyzes as "yze" not "yse"
— centers as "er" rather than "re", but you'll see both
— traveled as "l" preferred to "ll", but both appear
— includes exceptions like advertise, compromise, compensation, advisor....
— tends toward US English for spellings that defy the rules, including tire, gray, defense, donut, jail, program, specialty...

If you discover an error, we'd appreciate hearing from you.

When it comes to the Content in CONTEXT work we do for you, your English rules!