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"The problem with Change is not that there's too much of it.
  The trouble is there's not enough of the right Change taking place.

— PJ Wade, The Catalyst "The Catalyst inspires reactions that otherwise might not take place, and overcomes resistance to increase the rate of improvement."

The Challenge of Change:
Individuals and organizations operate within unspoken and invisible rules—"the box." Many of today's beliefs, values, stereotypes, misconceptions, and prejudices—the very core of resistance to Change—can be traced back to the last two centuries. These outmoded, unconscious patterns can make Change the enemy: sabotaging problem solving, distracting decision making, diluting innovation, undermining the best intentions…and interfering with efforts to achieve improvement in anything and everything.

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PJ: "The first—and often-overlooked—step is to identify key limiting beliefs, embedded stereotypes, and repeating patterns that define 'the box' for individuals and their organizations. Gain control over these unconscious barriers and Self-Leadership is strengthened: creativity awakens, decisions reinforce confidence, innovation flourishes, change becomes a manageable challenge…and much more."

"Informative, enlightening, very dynamic—excellent!"

— Investment Advisor, Wealth Management Practice

PJ Wade's Key Themes & Speeches Create Forward Thinking CONTEXT

Motivation, Education, Inspiration, Implementation…
  • On Point Communication & Box-Free Forward Thinking
Keynote #1:
What's Your Point?
Cut The Crap, Hit The Mark & Stick!

The problem with communication is the illusion that it has been achieved. Professional communicators know that saying or writing something—online or off—does not mean their message has been understood or accepted, no matter how carefully it was created. How do you ensure your message, which emphasizes the problems you solve for clients, does not fall into the "bla bla bla" category where most advertising, all self-promotion, and a lot of social media end up? Success can be compromised by continuously-changing technology, including email, texting, social media, and the "next new thing." Regardless of technical expertise, most professionals are unprepared to meet the challenge of quickly making their point with prospects and clients when results matter, online and off. Do you understand what your "point" is and how to make it with relevance and consistency?

Keynote #2:
If I Knew NOW What I'll Know THEN!
How to avoid whining in hindsight, wherever you start and whatever happens!

It sounds easy: Let go of the past…live in the moment…embrace the future. But if it's that easy, why are so many norms and dictates from the 20th Century still unconsciously undermining decisions—online & off? PJ reveals practical, 21st-Century strategies for effectively shedding this mental baggage and replacing hindsight with foresight. The resulting set of powerful decision-making perspectives combines creatively thinking 'inside the box' with sharp 'outside' and 'box-free' insight to boost innovation—in business and in life.

Additional Themes & Topics:
  • Change Management Through Self-Leadership
    Where you lead, you and others will follow. Discover 7 often-underestimated Self-Leadership opportunities for accelerated, sustainable improvement—in business and in life—at a time when mediocrity is the new workplace and personal standard.
    PJ: "Opportunities for accelerated, sustainable improvement are everywhere—in business and in life—but too often they are overlooked, eclipsed by stereotypes, and sabotaged by out-of-date thinking."

  • Cross Generation Collaboration: Twists & Short Cuts
    You can communicate with anyone once you can successfully and consistently make your point with your "toughest customers"—. Miscommunication is the norm in business, the workplace, families…anywhere generations meet, online or off—even when everyone doesn't realizes it. The challenge with cross generation conversations is that ageist stereotypes—"too young" and "too old"—undermine engagement and understanding. Stop talking at cross purposes, and concentrate on simple and too-often-overlooked solutions for establishing common ground for effective communication. How have you prepared for your toughest customers?

  • Age-Free Innovation in MultiGeneration Environments
    Chronological age is now irrelevant, but innovation continues to be restricted by the same ageist stereotypes and misconceptions that limited the lives, careers,businesses, and futures of past generations. The result is that thinking in this century may not be as different as it could be. In your life and business, a lot has happened in the first years of this century, but has much really improved? PJ Wade challenges conventional wisdom and follow-the-leader thinking to identify 7 significant barriers to innovation, and to share practical strategies for mentally leaping ahead.

  • Sustainability
    To create sustainable communities, workplaces, lifestyles, business ecosystems…it is essential to identify and master relevant decisions, dynamics, and technology. For instance, technology allows us to reach almost anyone, anytime, and anywhere on the planet within seconds, but have our communication skills progressed as far as the leap from quill pen to smartphone would have us believe? Sustainability is an issue at all levels of society and business. Online collaborations and socially-driven intentions can transform the future from randomly-sustainable results to deliberate outcomes once you know where to start and why—online and off.

IN CONTEXT: As a Futurist, Achievement Strategist, and Cross-Generation Bridge—THE CATALYST— PJ's relevant, provocative approach applies across the work/life continuum and can be tailored to executive, professional, investor, employee, or client audiences.

Tailored to your audience…

What is your definition of "success" for your next event?

  • Choose the theme from PJ's Themes & Topics that is most relevant to your organization's goals or those of your client base, or consult PJ to identify a variation or combination that makes your point and delivers your message.

  • Select the theme from above that reflects the purpose of your meeting, or ask PJ to adapt to your title or event theme to ensure everything will be "on point" with your definition of event success.

  • Raise a cross generation or communication issue that challenges your industry/profession or consumer audience, or let PJ help you uncover the ways in which the last two centuries have left an often-invisible stamp on your audiences' skills, knowledge, or futures.

  • Challenge PJ to provide context for your message and continuity for your conference or event with a Keynote or featured presentation specifically designed to provide reference points for subsequent speakers and/or to strategically showcase key content to be addressed in the workshops which follow. PJ can also deliver a closing "take away" reinforcer to ensure participants leave with your message in clear, actionable terms and "top of mind" relevance.

"PJ is extremely knowledgeable, patient, and has a tremendous ability to communicate concepts and ideas."

— Senior Business Executive, Communications Corporation

"PJ Wade's enthusiasm, knowledge, and open-mindedness impressed and inspired me. New ideas and a new thinking pattern…. A wonderful, positive attitude promoter!"

— CEO, Software Development Corporation

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