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PJ Wade is The Catalyst

A powerful advocate for your success—a creative spark, insightful sounding board, provocative idea generator, quick-witted communicator, focusing agent, trusted advisor, relentless problem solver…The Catalyst for your achievements!

"PJ, you bring out the best in me!"  — CEO, Tech Start-up

If your response to any of the following questions is "YES" The Catalyst may be the real answer—Your Starting Point:

  • Great Start: Do you have an amazing business idea or innovative venture and the skill to develop it, but you're not sure how to communicate its value to those who matter?
  • Kickstart: Have you hit a roadblock—trouble getting started, staying focused, or sticking with decisions—and need fresh, innovative, practical problem solving for a kickstart?
  • Re-Start: Are you so overwhelmed by detail that you have lost sight of the ""Big Picture"" and need a fresh starting point?
  • Jump Start: Do you need buy-in from your team, clients, or investors, but you are not sure how to approach this cross-generation challenge?
  • Self-Starter: Do you ask yourself "What is holding me back?" but can't find the answer?
  • Head Start: Do you wonder how to ensure your expertise and knowledge remain essential, valued, and relevant for clients within the context of their ever-changing worlds—online & off?

"The problem with Change is not that there's too much of it. The trouble is there's not enough of the right Change taking place."  — PJ Wade, The Catalyst

As The Catalyst, PJ Wade functions as Achievement Strategist and starts people thinking, questioning, innovating, acting, implementing…to increase the rate of sustainable productivity whenever "change" is the issue…

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On Point Strategic Communication
Cut The Crap, Hit The Mark & Stick!
Make your point with target prospects and clients by emphasizing the relevance of the problem you solve and the unique fit of your solutions, and you prove you're worth engaging again and again—online & off. On Point Communication is purposeful and on-target, client-centric content, in desired formats, which is relevant and memorable to clients while creatively differentiating you and your services and earning trust.
  • What breakthrough insight do you need to effectively communicate your unique value to prospects, clients, and stakeholders?
  • What do you need to increase referrals from existing clients?

Contact PJ to start work on THE POINT you're intent on making…

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Box-Free Forward Thinking
Heighten Relevance, Go Box-Free!
The first—and often overlooked—step toward Box-Free Forward Thinking is to identify "THE BOX"the limiting beliefs and sets of unspoken and invisible rules by which organizations and individuals operate, whether they realize it or not. Go Box-Free to lead yourself & others toward a brilliant future! Consciously move beyond stereotypes, misconceptions, myths, beliefs, and values which can be traced back to the early 1900s—even for those who have only worked in the 21st Century!
  • What breakthrough insight do you need to effectively leverage your time, your expertise, and the unique value you provide for clients and your team?
  • What do you need to consistently get the best out of yourself and to deliver the best for your clients?
  • What do you need to have better ideas and more of them?

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Our clients are The Best!
The Best are always searching for ways to improve.
The Best are successful, productive professionals and entrepreneurs who know the value of third-party professional objectivity, resourcefulness, and analytic clarity—both for themselves and for their clients.
For instance, do you assume your clients and prospective clients understand and appreciate you and your unique expertise and contributions — your brand — or have you made sure they do?
  • Communication in CONTEXT
  • PJ: "Social media and 21st-Century business demand you are always prepared to make your point—online and off—because results matter every time in business and in life!"
    Visit PJ's Blog "What's Your Point?"
    Enjoy the free Preview of "What's Your Point?"—PJ's new print book coming soon.
  • Client Retention & Appreciation
    UNRETIREMENT & More 21st Century Essentials
  • PJ: "As The Catalyst, one of my key contributions is to reveal the shift in thinking required to anticipate your clients' needs—often, before they do. Successful professionals know that the old ways are not always the best way in the 21st Century, and that 'new' is not automatically an improvement."
  • Your Catalyst & Achievement Strategist
  • Contact PJ and start The Catalyst working to take the weight of the World off your shoulders and place the World in the palm of your hand, so you can get on with what you care about the most!
    Ignite your talents and imagination with Your Catalyst—Futurist & Achievement Strategist PJ Wade

Note: Privacy Policy—PJ Wade & The Catalyst hold client names, information, and projects in strict confidence.