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Cut The Crap, Hit The Mark & Stick!

By PJ Wade “The Catalyst“


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“What’s Your Point?—the pivotal 21st-Century business question that must be answered before you open your mouth, hit a key, swipe, or tap anything. Too often ’Your Point’ is not clear to you, and communication remains an expensive illusion.” — PJ Wade

There's less time to think than ever before—and more to think about! Experienced professionals, advisors, coaches, entrepreneurs, business ownersand their clients face additional challenges as technology speeds up communication and everything else!

WHAT'S YOUR POINT? is a whisper in the ear, a tap on the shoulder, a pat on the back, and a mental ’kick in the pants’ for those with years of hands-on business experience who may not have received as much formal training in communication as they have in their chosen field. This forward-thinking, creatively-practical book reveals how those with proven business experience can leverage their professional knowledge, problem-solving skills, and expertise to expedite communication effectiveness, online and off.

My Point?…Social media and 21st-Century business demand you are always prepared to MAKE YOUR POINT—online and off— because results matter every time in business and in life.“

Make The Right Point—consciously and consistently, online and off—and you'll ignite your business & cement your brand!

  • Achieve on-point communication, decisive decision making and more…
  • Learn Self-Leadership—the important first step before Leadership
  • Master innovative thinking on-demand—inside and outside the box
  • Engage on-target with prospects, clients, and those who matter to you
  • Purge unconscious limiting habits, bias, stereotypes…and -isms like ageism
  • Explore Your Future Point—Start-up, Succession, Unretirement...what’s next?

Achievement Strategist, Problem Solver, Blogger & Speaker PJ Wade cleverly merges and purges communication essentials and emerging trends to share the best of both in innovative, practical terms. Author of books, articles, and professional development programs, PJ’s unique, age-free, borderless view of the future catalyzes others to embrace effective communication—online and off—with all its 21st-Century force.  

What's Your Point? provides fresh CONTEXT—'A Place To Think.'  You're encouraged to give yourself credit for existing communication prowess while you discover how much more you can achieve by learning to become a consistently effective communicator. In the process, you'll understand why and how, with Forward-Thinking communication, the new marketing star isn't 'content,' but CONTEXT. CONTEXT is the vital relevance, meaning, and frame of reference that ensures you hit the mark and stick in the memory of those who matter to you and your future.

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