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PJ Wade's Key Themes & Speeches Create Forward Thinking CONTEXT

Motivation, Education, Inspiration, Implementation…
  • On Point Communication & Box-Free Forward Thinking
Keynote #1:
What's Your Point?
Cut The Crap, Hit The Mark & Stick!

Keynote #2:
If I Knew NOW What I'll Know THEN!
How to avoid whining in hindsight, wherever you start and whatever happens!

  • Change Management Through Self-Leadership

  • Cross Generation Collaboration: Twists & Short Cuts

  • Age-Free Innovation in MultiGeneration Environments

  • Sustainable Communities, Workplaces & Lifestyles: Mastering Decisions, Dynamics & Technology

arrow  PJ Wade is a versatile, thought-provoking professional with more than 8000 hours of experience engaging audiences to think, laugh, question, act, persist, advance…

"Enthusiasm, knowledge and inspiration plus concrete steps to take and a positive outlook. PJ's views on communication and technology are a breath of fresh air.'   
— Senior Marketing Executive,  Financial Services Corporation

arrow  In clear, inspiring language, PJ peels back layers to reveal emerging trends, often-overlooked opportunities, and commonly-misinterpreted challenges—in business and in life. From the audience's viewpoint, PJ leads individuals and groups through the emerging relevance of the combined impact of our fast-paced technology-driven world, and the multigeneration demographic overload that's taken control of the conversion. PJ contributes fresh new perspectives on the world in which you and your clients think and transact, while adding an innovative, humorous spin to accelerate improvement on all levels.

"Listening to PJ, I found myself thinking over and over 'I never thought of it that way before' and suddenly I really knew what 'outside the box' means."
— University professor, Business & Finance  

arrow  Audiences are guaranteed a fresh, relevant, liberating experience:

No jargon or fad-laden rhetoric
No clichés or cute catch phrases
No self-serving agenda
Lots of on-point, relevant, actionable Box-Free Forward Thinking!

"PJ has a wonderful, refreshing sense of humor and an excellent manner of speaking. She is without doubt The Best. Everyone should be in such an optimistic environment. PJ's sessions were very thought-provoking and on the mark."
— Director, Financial Institution

Motivation, Education, Inspiration, Implementation

"The problem with Change is not that there's too much of it. The trouble is there's not enough of the right Change taking place."   — PJ Wade, The Catalyst

square Do you need an experienced professional who will add context, relevancy, focus, and flow to your program while catalyzing participants to embrace Box-Free Forward Thinking and combine innovation with action?

square Are you searching for a new way to kickstart your event or project that will trigger fresh, actionable reactions, and long-lasting results?
  • The dynamic creative spark, idea generator, focusing agent, and mental kick in the pants

  • The eye opener and mind expander for strategic planning, change management, enhanced communication, professional development, workplace retention programming…or any meeting where results matter and sustainability counts!

check mark Select PJ Wade "The Catalyst"
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Challenge The Best to become even BETTER!

"Usually [attendees] all sit there listening politely. When PJ is finished, they are all excited, engaged, and animated…and what really matters—ready for action!"
— Director of Education, Professional Trade Association

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